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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Aspie-Quiz Graph modified

People, especially people with Asperger Syndrome, have expressed their interest in the test and graph found at the Aspie-quiz web page.

The test seems to be part  of one research work and it adds to the graph info about the autistic and neurotypical hunting variables. Some people think that values aren't accepted or used enough and they dislike the graph.

I think it's sad to loose interest of one part of the public because of that detail.  Some people asked for one version of the graph without that and I decided to do it myself in order to give people what they want and help the research to have more participation. This is what you get:

What must i do to have my own graph?

  1. First you must do this test. If you are really interested it's a good idea to log in so they can track your evolution (anonymous but logged) for the research.
  2. At the end of the test you will have one graphic and one url to retrieve it in case you loose the image. Like this one: http://www.rdos.net/eng/poly12c.php?p1=82&p2=78&p3=67&p4=68&p5=50&p6=65&p7=58&p8=57&p9=41&p10=44&p11=88&p12=53
  3. Copy all the string starting with the question mark and add it to this one: http://www.saberlibre.net/g/nt-aspie-graph.php
  4. You will have something like this: http://www.saberlibre.net/g/nt-aspie-graph.php?p1=82&p2=78&p3=67&p4=68&p5=50&p6=65&p7=58&p8=57&p9=41&p10=44&p11=88&p12=53.

You will have the new image if your browser go to that url.
Please, if you find any error, report it to me. I'll fix it.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Help to spread this video, please

Please help to spread this video made by a american jewish  women that visited Palestina.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Atention, our liberties are in danger

Some politician in Europe are putting in danger our liberties one more time with excuses. They attack the liberty and the privacy with bad laws for all but few interested persons.

Now, the important things, the ones that they can't establish in our Parliaments because of the noise that this will provoke. That things are intended to implement from Brussels in a hidden way, the way of the called torpedo amendments. They try to change the laws in a fast way for no one knows it.

This change will be September the 24th. Today is 1 so we have only 3 days. Please, read this article, we must to send it to the maxim of people, it's urgent.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

I have reached half a milion of visitors

I was going to say: I have arrived at the 100,000 visits! But I have seen that my pages in bulma have arrived at 400,000 visitors. Altogether they means half a million*.

I don't know implications have those numbers. I just don't finish to understand then, I will need time. But it wanted to note it in my blog. :) HALF A MILLION !

The Web on which I lived the five years in which I was Muslim had a lot of visits at the beguining. But at the moment, my blog of clouds takes the 90% of the visits. That is excluding the articles in bulma that is 3 or 4 times the more visited that the rest.

* in fact the 100,000 visitors and the 500,000 in general are something approximate including the name. For example the 100,000 visitors readed like 200,000 pages altogether or they threw a concise look to them. The system to count has its precautions not to count twice a visitor that enter a Web and return 5 minutes later but it is not more than an approach.

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Sunday, November 13, 2005

I took good note, still without being bloged

I will add here some comments about Free Software activities and note something about what people have learned. I will write the speaches given in Granada, Cordova, Oviedo, Malaga and Pamplona.

he people of Cordoba invited me to give a talk about Privacy and GPG, and another talk about BulmaGés with Tomeu Borrás of IGLUES.

Just the day before, since I had to pass by Granada before being in Cordova, they asked me to give the same speech there. I tested there one interesting idea.

In Granada I could not connect neither my PC nor other 2 that were close and there were no computers for the assistants because they were too many. Then I tried a variant of the speech that I have been thinking since some time ago. Instead of work with computers, I settled to speak on privacy in a round table way.

I commented some usual problems I know to them and they commented some others to me and between all we thought about solutions. Instead of the planed hour, we used two and a hafl hours. It could take more time, people were interested. It was my best speech ever about privacy.

Note for speechers: If you have an idea, prove it!

In Cordova, at the I Jornadas Temáticas de Software Libre de Córdoba (1'st Thematic Days of Free Software of Cordova) we had the same problem, too many assistants. That did not allowed to give my usual speech with PC's but, as you can imagine, I came enchanted from Granada, and I repeated the experience.

This time we used two hours. And if I was more normal, it would be more time too. XDD

I directly left Granada towards Oviedo to participate in the III Jornadas de Software Libre de Asturias (III the Days of Free Software of Asturias). I talked there about BulmaGés to a big number of assistants.

Note: If you show transparencies, they must be few and with many images, the important point here is what you say.

In Malaga, in the 2ª Jornadas Tecnológicas Andaluzas de Software Libre (2ª Technological Days Andalusian of Free Software ) I still enjoyed more. I could for the first time separately give talk of privacy and the GPG factory. Also I gave a chat about BulmaGés where I distributed for the first time the Elive that contains it.

I enjoyed that talk because I had dedicated some time to translate and work on PGP tools and the speech lasted one hour and a half and I explained more details than ever.

Note: Teach something useful that they has never heard. It's better if you are just going to publish it.

A last note on the LAN party in Pamplona: I was in the NavarParty II and I spoke of privacy and GPG and the BulmaGés project. There I commented the system of vote that was ordered to me to design in IGLUES.

Note: If you give a speech about a bussines managment program, you must keep an image of a proffessional man/woman, you aren't just someone that contibute to the soft.

Someone commented it to me and the truth is that I took good note ; -)

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Friday, October 21, 2005

I have organized the NCN's Signing Party

At the Signing Party we have some extra time used to explain some tips and some geleral info about GnuPG and PGP tools. We talk about PGP tools some time ago in this blog (here).

The No Con Name was very interesting and, if we add it was free for students, we have a success in the computer science culture.

Traslations: català, español, francais